Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

My sincere apologies to all my followers and viewers, I've been extremely busy with work. Don't worry though, more epic reviews and news soon to come! Stay tuned, please!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset Review

Hey guys.
As promised, I've got the Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset review for you. First off, I've gotta say it's HUGE!
Babam! So yeah, I put these suckers on my head and I was skeptical at first. I could still hear everything going on around me, even my girlfriend listening to her favorite Pandora station with her laptop on full volume. So I opened up iTunes and put on some music, and I was pretty impressed. The sound is great, albeit I did have to go into the sound options in Windows and turn on bass boost (the treble was too high for my taste). I couldn't hear a thing anymore except the sweet sweet music.  We can't forget though, this headset IS for gamers, so you're probably wondering where the microphone is at judging from the above pictures, right?
That's right. The microphone has a nice little slot within the plastic of the top part of the headset that it hides in. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me. After I found the hidden microphone, I fired up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and started playing, this is where I started to lose confidence.  The headphones are "virtual" 7.1 surround sound.  Basically this headset is like a really big, really nice "noise-through" headset with a GREAT microphone and good quality sound.  My girlfriend enjoys the new headset as well, since I don't have to talk as loud to felt like I'm being heard, since you still are able to hear what's going on around you without it being too distracting. This headset will replace the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 and become my new primary headset.

I got the headset off of for $56.99 with their free 2 day Amazon Prime shipping.  Overall, I rate the headset about 8.5/10.

Next up: Ubuntu Review :)

Stay tuned!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't posted recently, I was celebrating my birthday over the weekend. Here are some upcoming posts to expect:

1) Review of Ubuntu 11.04 beta
2) Rumors about Windows 8 and some sweet features it may contain
3) Review of a new surround sound headset I just ordered through Amazon

I'll be posting soon, stay tuned! Sorry for the delay!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

AT&T Raising Early Upgrade Fees

If you're anything like me, you have AT&T, and just looked at that heading and got pissed. It seems to me that corporations do everything in their power to discourage their customers for the sake of increasing share prices.  AT&T is planning on raising the early upgrade fees for 1 year contracts to adding on an additional $150.00 fee, and for 2 year contracts a $50.00 fee. That's right. So what's the incentive for signing up for 2 years now? Yeah, there is none.  Perhaps they're trying to prop up pre-paid phone sales? What gives AT&T?

Gizmodo under AOL makes for bad layouts

Have you guys seen the new layout for Gizmodo and other news outlets that were purchased by AOL? The layouts are terrible! There are facebook pages and twitter pages dedicated to mocking the enormous pile of crap also known as the "gawker layout." It used to be blog based, like this. I'm a big fan of blog style reading. When you see a title that interests you or an image that catches your eye, you click on the title and you're in. The new layout has distractingly large ads all over the place, and only one or two news headings at a time! Seriously, gawker media, what are you guys thinking? It's pretty upsetting that Engadget is the last tech news outlet left that's actually both readable and reputable. What are your thoughts on this?

Welcome :)

In this blog, I'm really interested in reviewing new technological products and spreading information about new and innovative technology.  I've often seen a tech product come out and thought about how I would do it differently, and I'm sure you have too.  I'm interested in other peoples' opinions as well.  Please feel free to give me input and bare with me as I get this blog started, as I'm sure you'll appreciate it in the long run.